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NEBulA Northern English Brown (Extract 5 gal)

NEBulA  Northern English Brown
Original Gravity: 1.052
IBUs: 28
Color: Deep Brown
Batch Size : 5.5 gallons


3 lbs

Light DME


Gold LME (Late Addition)


Crystal 40L


Crystal 80L


Pale Chocolate


Chocolate Malt

Hops and Kettle Additions

60 min

9.4 AAU Northern Brewer

20 min

.25oz Whitbread Golding

15 min

Kettle Finings

Gold LME

1 min

.75 Whitbread Golding


  • Bring 1.5 gallons of water up to 150'F and turn off heat source.
  • Place crushed grains in a muslin bag and steep for 25 minutes.
  • Remove grains letting the liquid drain back into the pot for a moment (do not squeeze!) and dispose of them.
  • Add an additional 1.5 gallons of water to the kettle and begin heating. Dissolve the DME as the water approaches a boil.
  • Once the DME is thoroughly dissolved and the kettle is up to a boil, make the first hop addition and follow the schedule above. When making the late LME addition, turn off heat source and pause the boil timer. Dissolve the LME well, and turn heat back on. Once the wort is boiling again, resume the timer and boil for a full 15 minutes
  • Once the boil is complete, chill the wort to 65'F – 72'F and add to sanitized fermenter.
  • Top off volume in fermenter to 5.5 gallons with clean, cool water.

  • Ferment with Wyeast 1318 London Ale III, Imperial Juice, or Safale-04 64'F-70'F

NOTE: Yeast is not included with this kit. Please choose a yeast from the suggestions below or any other yeast of your liking. Hops or yeast may change based off current inventory. Any changes will be noted.


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