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Chocolate Coffee Stout (Extract 5 gal)


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NOTE: Yeast and Coffee beans are not included with this kit. Please choose a yeast from the suggestions at the bottom of this page.

Chocolate Coffee Stout

(Extract with Grains)


3.3 lbs Light LME
2.5 lbs Light DME
1.5 lbs Maris Otter Malt
10 oz     Roasted Barley
8 oz       Wheat Malt
6 oz      Flaked Oats
5 oz      Chocolate Malt
2 oz      Caraffa III
4 oz      MaltoDextrine

Schedule of Kettle Additions

60 min      9AAU Challenger
15 min      1/2 oz Styrian Celeia
10 min      1/2 oz Willamette
5 min        2 oz Cocoa Nibs
0 min        2 oz Coffee (course crush Coffee of your choosing) (Not Included in Kit)


  • Bring 1.5 gallons water to 160'F and turn off heat source.
  • Place crushed grains in a muslin bag and steep for 35 minutes at 154'F
  • Remove grains and let drain back into the pot. Do not Squeeze!!!
  • Add additional water to the kettle to bring volume up to at least 2.5 gallons and begin heating.
  • Dissolve the LME, DME, and MaltoDextrine as the wort coms to a boil.
  • Once kettle is back at a boil and no longer creating heavy foam, make your first hop addition and follow the schedule above.
  • Once boil is complete, chill the wort to about 68'F and add to sanitized fermenter.
  • Top off volume to 5 gallons with clean, cool water and mix well
  • Ferment with US-05 for at least 7 days
NOTE: Yeast is not included with this kit. Please choose a yeast from the suggestions below or any other yeast of your liking. Hops or yeast may change based off current inventory. Any changes will be noted.


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