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Amarillo (US)

AMARILLO® (‘VGXP01’ variety) hops originated in the U.S. and brings a relatively high alpha acid kick to the table ranging from 9% to 11%. This particular variety is packed with citrus aroma and flavor making it a great dual purpose hops. The myrcene oil content within the cone is some of the highest, and this explains its grapefruit and orange flavor. This myrcene level can also contribute a metallic flavor to the beer if used in abundance.


Virgil Gamache Farms Inc. introduced this grower's delight, that is tolerant to most common wilt and mildew diseases. Although it's yield is relatively low, VGXP01 hops is a fairly vigorous grower. VGXP01 hops are usually sold under the brand name AMARILLO® and is used in a number of commercial beers, showing that VGXP01 hops are applicable from American Wheat to Hoppy Reds.


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