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Pacific Jade


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Pacific Jade, like most hops bred in New Zealand, comes from the Hop Research Program by HortResearch Center in Riwaka, NZ. In 2004 this variety was released and is a triploid alpha variety from a cross between First Choice and Saazer. This new variety has some spark to its release as it marks another excellent example of what the HortResearch Center can provide for the world of brewing.

Pacific Jade is a bittering hops with an alpha acid content rating of 12.0%-14.0%, which also has a relatively low co-humulone content at 24%. It is also esteemed for its aroma profile making it one of the borderline dual purpose hops. Most of the oils including myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene are all moderatly high and lie in balance. This gives Pacific Jade a dank herbal character mixing citrus fruits with pepper spice. Pacific Jade has began to make its footprints around the globe in commercial beers, and will be seen in beers ranging from Lagers to Imperial Stouts.


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