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Northdown (UK)


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Northdown Hops was designed to be resistant to downy mildew and at the time of its release, in the early 1970's, it was considered on the higher side of the alpha acid scale. Northdown hops is a mix of Norther Brewer and a German male with the same resistance.

Northdown Hops is a dual use variety with an alpha acid rating 7.5%-9.5%. It is a versatile hops in the brewing industry, and is used for both its bittering and aroma qualities. The bitterness is considered clean and is used as a foundation in the kettle. Northdown comes with a substantial amount of humulene and caryophyllene oil. Caryophyllene is used in the fragrance as well as food industries and is know for its dry woody spice. Humulene has an herbal aroma as well. Both of these oils degrade fairly quickly with heat, so with early additions they will lose much of their hop. Northdown is appropriate for any point in the process, and its aroma will linger with late additions and dry hop additions.


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