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Green Bullet


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Green Bullet Hops came from a program in New Zealand that started in 1949 in order to solve a problem with Black Root Rot that was happening at the time. The most common variety in the area, Late Cluster, was being plagued by this disease, and new direction was set out to find a more versatile variety. Fuggle Hops was crossed with a local varieties to generate the first generation of stronger varieties including First Cross Hops, Calicross Hops, and Smooth Cone Hops. Tetraploid (TET) variations of these were then used to produce Sticklebract Hops, Super Alpha Hops, and Green Bullet Hops.

Green Bullet Hops is known as having a unique zing which characterizes New Zealand's mark on the brewing world. It is a dual purpose hops that brings both a fresh clean bitterness along with an abundance of aroma in beer. The alpha acid rating is high at 11%-15% which is high, making this hops applicable for strong bitterness additions at the beginning of the boil or throughout the brewing process. The taste and aroma has accents of raisins and fruits, and is smooth and refreshing. It has very high myrcene oil content which contributes to the fruit aroma.


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