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First Gold (UK)


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First Gold Hops is a dwarf variety that is as versatile as a Swiss army knife during a day of brewing. In 1995 Wye College produced yet another important variety that was a cross between Whitbread Golding Variety (WGV) and a dwarf male. This dual purpose hops is off to an excellent start as far as mankind, time, beer, and such.

First Gold Hops has moderate alpha acid content at 6.5%-8.5% and has a ethereal balance between bitterness and flavor...perfect for - beer. This hops carries a balance of the essential oils, along with high levels of farnesene oil. Farnesene is a pleasant oil that carries flowery notes, like magnolia, some citrus, as well as herbal and woody notes. First Gold also has a slender spice to it as well.


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