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Aurora (Styrian) Pellets


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Aurora (Super Styrian) was bred in the 70's at the Hop Research Institute in Zalec, Yugoslavia, which now resides in Slovenia. Super Styrian is a diploid variety as a cross between Northern Brewer and a Yugoslavian wild male. Although Super Styrian shares the spotlight as one of two primary varieties grown in Slovenia along with Styrian Golding it is not actually derived from this same variety. Although, it is likened by its similar aromatic qualities.

Aurora is a dual use hop with low to moderate alpha acid content ranging from 5.5%-9.5%. The alpha content is nearly double that of Styrian Golding Hops. The aroma, which is driven by very well balanced essential oils including farnesene, has a spicy yet pleasant hoppiness to it. Super Styrian is going to make a good hop from beginning to end of the brewing process, and is commonly mixed with other varieties.


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