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Saphir (GR)

Saphir Hops, sometimes called Saphire, Sapphire, or Hallertau Saphir, was bred from the Hops Research Institute in Hull Germany. It is a cross between two of the newer varieties from the program....83/17/20 and 80/56/6. It was created around the same time as Opal and Smaragd Hops, all of which are noble-like varieties with extremely low co-humulone.

Saphir Hops has a very low alpha acid content at 2.0%-5.0%, making it one of the lowest alpha hops in the world. Saphire has more than double the beta acid content. The very low co-humulone content really illustrates part of the presumed agenda from the breeding program in Hull, to create more varieties in the noble family, and comes in at 11.0%-17.0%. The oils are balanced in Saphir, with the exception of a commonly low farnesene. Saphir Hops is compared to Hallertauer Mittlefrueh, which is closely associated with German style beers and has been a trade mark of German Style Lagers. The bitterness is naturally very low with Saphir, and the real contribution from this hops is on the aroma side. Bringing a sweet citrus bouquet to the pot or fermentation tank, Saphir can be used throughout the brewing process.


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