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Horizon Hops has been on the up swing since its introduction in 1998. Bred in Oregon in 1970, Horizon is a cross made from Brewers Gold, Early Green Hops, and USDA 64035M. It is also a half sister of the notorious Nugget Hops.

Horizon is a dual use hops with some unique characteristics. First off, its alpha acid rating is at 10.2%-16.5% allowing it to swing in many directions for different uses in beer. It has a very low co-humulone content which is considered very desirable by some brewers, and compares to the noble hops varieties. The myrcene oil content is at 55.0%-70% and the farnesene oil content is at 2.5%-3.5%. Both of these are relatively high on the scale, and both come with delightful attributes. Horizon will add notes of a floral bouquet to the aroma, as well as provide some essence of citrus fruits. Horizon can be used from beginning of a brew session to the end and throughout the brewing process.


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