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Cluster Hops comes from, as they say, mass selection. This translates to varieties were likely transported from europe, potentially by the Dutch and English settlers, and after years of growing, hybridization, likely open pollination, a strong sample was chosen and given the name Cluster. Due to its history trail, and early use, it is believed to be one of the oldest American hops used en mass beer production.

Cluster Hops is not grown in the capacity it once was, it has faced a similar fate as many varieties falling to the shadows of the super alpha varieties, and those with more disease tolerance. However, Cluster hops is still widely available, and makes a great dual purpose hops in homebrews and commercial beers. The alpha acid content of Cluster Hops is 5.0%-8.5%. The bitterness from this variety is not overwhelming, and is balanced with its floral flavor and aroma. Cluster Hops has fairly high myrcene oil content which definitely adds to this floral bouquet, which is a nice mix between earthy flavors and sweet fruits.


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